How to Stream DVD to TV via Chromecast

In this article show you the best way to rip your DVD(including the unencrypted and copy protected DVD) into Chromecast compatible digital format for streaming from PC to TV with smaller size and high quality.

Due to the popularity of Chromecast, it has become the common solution for people who are interested in streaming PC DVD to TV. This is also simply because they do not yet have DVD player for TV now.


Is there a way to stream a DVD from my PC to my TV using Chromecast?
I have a Netflix DVD that I would like to watch but I don’t have a DVD player connected to my TV. Is there any way to stream it from my computer? I can’t really connect the TV directly to the computer because it is mounted high on the wall. Any help would be appreciated.

To first give you an understanding of the Chromecast, this is a streaming device that can be plugged into HDMI port right through your TV to cast music, photo and video to HDTV from your tablet and smartphone. The impressive thing about this sticker will work well with a lot of apps such as HBO GO, Pandora, WatchESPN, Netflix and more. Even Google will simply be after updating it regularly for famous dongles.

In that Reddit page, many methods has been provided, here I show the best way to stream your DVD(including the unencrypted and copy protected DVD) to TV through Chromecast.

  • Copy DVD and Convert to Format that Can be Chromecast to TV

Put the method in simply way, to chromecast DVD to TV is by means of copying the DVD and converting it to format that can be chromecast to TV. In order to stream DVD from computer to Chromecast, the first thing you should do is to rip/convert DVD to Chromecast with some professional DVD ripping program, such as Brorsoft DVD Ripper(or  DVD Ripper for Mac).

Apart from ripping DVD for streaming via chromecast, Brorsoft DVD Ripper can also do the things list as follow:

With Brorsoft DVD Ripper, you can rip and copy any DVD (purchased for year or latest for week) into any digital format you want, such as H.264, MKV, QuickTime, MOV, H.265(HEVC)

Rip and Copy DVD movies to iPad Pro , iPhone 7/7 Plus or iTunes for Playback ,

Rip and Upload DVD Films to Cloud Storage, Dropbox for streaming and watching on the go.

Rip DVD Films for Viewing on Oculus Rift DK2 with 3d effects.

Play DVDs on Samsung TV without DVD Player

Even you can use it as best AnyDVD Alternatives to backup, rip, and copy your DVD.

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Download Brorsoft DVD Ripper Converter:

download_windows.gif download_mac.gif

(Note: Click here for OS X 10.5)

Guide: How to cast DVD movies to TV via Chromecast

STEP 1. Launch the DVD ripping program for Chromecast .

Then click “Load DVD” to import the DVD or ISO files you want to convert.

To select the subtitles you like, simply click Subtitle and select the one you prefer.


STEP 2. Choose output format. Click Format bar to get the format list and select a proper export format.

For Chromecast, MP4 in “Common Video” column can be the optimal choice.


STEP 3. If you like to tweak a little, click Settings, you are allowed to change the frame rate, resolution, bitrate and other specifications of the videos, if the tech terms look taunting to you, proceed to the next step.

STEP 4. Click Convert to start converting DVD to Chromecast friendly .mp4 video.


Stream/Cast Local DVD Movies to Chromecast

In two ways can you use Chromecast to cast or stream the converted DVD movie/video from PC or Mac to HD TV or display:

A. You can download Chromecast mobile apps (such as AllCast, Avia and Plex) on iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android, or web apps using Google Chrome (on Windows, OS X, and Chrome OS) through an extension on your computer. These apps can help you stream DVD movies by the Chromecast to TV within a local version of the Chrome browser.

B. You can choose to mirror the converted DVD content from the Chrome browser tab from your PC or Android mobile/tablet screen to TV. But this method has many disadvantages and limitations, so it is not highly recommended.


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